A Residential Praying Community...

In a hugely exciting new development, we plan to establish a small residential praying community, living on site at St Antony’s.

This will comprise up to six people, men and women, who will live, work and pray together for about a year at a time. The community will inevitably define the character of St Antony’s and determine all  other aspects of the life of the Priory.

There is still a great deal to work out in terms of how the community will function, but essentially the idea is that it will provide an opportunity for people, at any stage of life, who may be wondering where God might be calling them next, and for whom the experience of spending some time immersed in the discipline and structure of a ‘new monastic’ religious community, and sharing a common life of work and prayer, might be powerfully transformative.

Retreats and Quiet Days

There are four self-contained units in the cottage reserved for people wishing to spend time here on retreat, and join in with the rhythm of life. Each room has a sitting room with kitchen facilities, bedroom and en-suite shower room.

Numerous church groups and other organisations also come to St Antony’s for quiet days, retreats and away days, as well as to attend the various courses, workshops and other activities in the programme.


St Antony’s has gained a well deserved reputation for its outreach work in support of the recovery community across the region by running a series of enormously popular ‘recovery days’. These have been complemented by various other well-being and peer mentoring programmes.

Ministry Support

Clergy suffer increasingly from stress and isolation, often in the context of ministering in extremely demanding circumstances. St Antony’s is a place where you can get away from it all, for half a day or a full day, to have some quiet time and space to reflect on faith and ministry in a prayerful, supportive and safe space.

Friends of St Antony’s

Our well-established Friends scheme enables those who have a connection with St Antony’s to support our work, and stay in touch. It is hoped that there may be ways of developing this network in a more intentional way to become an extended family of people united not only by a desire to support St Antony’s but also to be part of a wider praying community.