A Residential Praying Community

Are you wondering what comes next? Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the spiritual life? If so, the residential community at St Antony’s Priory could be for you.

This is an opportunity for up to six people at a time, both men and women, at any stage of life, who may be wondering where God might be calling them next, and for whom the experience of spending a year immersed in the discipline and structure of a religious community, sharing a common life of work and prayer, could be powerfully transformative.

The community is defined by a Rule of Life, and this in turn shapes the character of the Priory and all other aspects of life here.

The Life

Everyday life revolves around the timetable of daily services in the chapel: morning and evening prayer, a daily Eucharist (or midday prayer) and Compline. Meals are taken together in the Priory refectory, with residents taking turns to cook. There is a downloadable information sheet here.

Then there are domestic chores to be done – such as laundry and cleaning – as well as gardening too. We have a weekly house meeting, a weekly ‘choir practice’ and a weekly discussion group. Residents may also play a role in providing hospitality for groups and visitors.

In all of this, plenty of time remains for private study and reflection: the point of being here is to engage in a journey of personal spiritual development, whether that be to do with the discernment of a vocation to ministry, or some other calling.

Your Calling?

The Society of the Sacred Mission was established to ‘increase the numbers of those giving their lives to the divine service’. Spending a year at St Antony’s Priory provides a unique opportunity to seek God and discover your calling.

To Find Out More...

If you would be interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact the Director, of St Antony’s Priory, The Revd Dr Nicholas Buxton, by email: nicholas.buxton@stantonyspriory.org

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