The Society of the Sacred Mission has, from its foundation, been involved in theological education, with a particular focus on widening access for people without prior academic qualifications. Today, St Antony’s is seeking to be true to those foundational principles, whilst at the same time also relating to our contemporary context. Consequently we will be developing and delivering a number of courses and programmes that variously aim to encourage people to explore and go deeper, both intellectually and experientially.

Exploring Spiritual Accompaniment

St Antony’s has been involved in training and providing spiritual directors for over 15 years. This introductory course offers training in the skills and practice of accompanying people on their faith journey. It also provides an opportunity for participants to work on their own personal and spiritual development. In addition, St Antony’s provides on-going peer support and mentoring for those who complete the course and go on to offer a ministry of spiritual accompaniment, as well as rooms in which to meet directees.

The Study of Spirituality

A new range of programmes are currently in the very early stages of development, but could include a series of broad-based and accessible short courses exploring the study of spirituality, from a number of different perspectives, aimed at people who wish to explore the ‘big questions’ and go deeper into the theory and practice of spiritual traditions and disciplines.

Various other courses and programmes could include workshops in contemplative prayer and other spiritual disciplines, training for meditation teachers, as well as quiet days, workshops, seminars and speaker events.

The Library

Plans to develop the library facilities at St Antony’s will result in the creation of a specialist working library for the study of spirituality, designed to support the provision of all the courses and activities that we offer.

It is hoped that this will become a resource for the study of spirituality across the region, and in partnership with other local facilities and providers of theological education.

When we have an online catalogue, there could be a link to it here: LINK!